Libertarianism, Tribalism, and Nationalism



  1. Robert Montgomerie · January 26, 2016

    I can accept the spirit of your argument that man shouldn’t put faith in government. However, I have a point of disagreement with you on man and the instinct to “tribalize”. From the genetic level, man is wired for two principles — selfish interest and the profit motive. Man is generally good on an individual level, and only seeks the society of others if there is a chance to achieve benefit(profit) from that relationship. Whether people were born Scottish, Dutch, or Swahili, have little to do with it. If a person of Scottish heritage were stranded in Argentina, he would forgo the society of a nearby tribe of indigenous folk in the hopes of running into more Scots. More than likely, he would etch out a living on his own, foregoing the society of groups, unless he observed a benefit that could be achieved by temporarily, or permanently, seeking free exchange.


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