The reality of 2nd Amendment infringements

Let me break down what the latest executive actions on guns really mean. I know a lot of you already know, but there are still tons of people who are confused as to what is going on, or are taking what the president and his supporters say at face value. Also, understand this is not really a partisan issue. If Bush had done the same thing he would get the same response from people who are smart enough to analyze the situation and be honest. Trump had to do a 180 on some of his previous gun-related comments and if he had not he would not be where he is right now. True American patriots will NEVER take a chance on being disarmed. The reason for this is that it always goes down the same path and usually ends badly. For those who haven’t studied the history on the subject, the government has to get the guns all registered before they can efficiently confiscate, and tyrants have to confiscate the weapons before they can totally oppress a people.

Today the president basically attempted to crack down on private sales between individuals by asking for background checks and stricter regulations on non-licensed and non-dealer transactions. Seems harmless enough right?

Not really.

He did all this while crying about victims of mass shootings and even mentioning the daily shootings in his hometown of Chicago (apparently he forgot that guns are basically banned in that entire city and mentioning it completely negates all of his points). When i say that the new restrictions are not really harmless the first reason i give is that he is lying about his motives. NONE of the shootings that he mentioned would have been prevented by his measures. NONE of the shooters in those instances benefited from the loopholes he is closing. So why do it? Is he dumb? Is he posturing and putting his presidential reputation on the line for impotent, meaningless legislation? Is this Constitutional scholar not able to see that his new executive actions won’t really curb any of the crime he is crying about here?

Hell no. Of course not.

We may not like the President but he is a smart man. Most likely a bit streetwise, even. He knows that none of this will stop criminals or the mentally ill. He knows that even an outright ban wont stop them. We all know it. These laws only affect the law-abiding. The people who will most likely never shoot anyone in their life. If you are not streetwise or if you think gun laws will affect shootings in any way just find the most criminal person you know and ask them. I lived my late teenage years as a criminal. I went to a notorious inner city high school where my life was in danger and we went to school at 16 yrs old with a 50 dollar “throw away” pistol tucked in our pants, or in our school bags, most of the time. The risk of punishment was worth it to survive. Some people live their whole lives like this. they don’t care what the law says. The other side of the gun problem is “crazy” people or the mentally ill. They don’t usually get in trouble until they snap, so they can follow every rule and obtain guns legally until it’s too late and none of your laws will stop them. If they do stop them, they can get guns on the street just like criminals or just steal them. Every crazy person or criminal knows of at least a few law-abiding citizens that have several legally owned weapons in their home and in an emergency, or perceived emergency, they will go take them. THERE IS NO LAW THAT CAN BE MADE THAT WILL STOP MENTALLY ILL OR CRIMINALLY MINDED PEOPLE FROM HURTING OTHER PEOPLE. CRIME IS ALREADY ILLEGAL. MURDER IS ALREADY ILLEGAL.

So what is he trying to do then? What is a possible outcome of documenting all private sales? I’ll tell you what. It leads to registration. If we implement these laws… and crimes and killings continue. Which we all know they will because we have established that these laws do nothing. Well then the president or some tyrannical politician will come back and say that guns are still slipping through the cracks and we need registration. A national database of all guns in this country. So we know exactly where each gun is, and who has it. Sounds reasonable right?


This still wont prevent any crimes. You still wont know where the criminals guns are until they use them and the crazy people play by the rules until its too late to stop them. Crime wont go down. Killings won’t stop. but the federal govt will now have a handy list of exactly what guns each law-abiding gun owner in this country has, and now they can do a much more thorough confiscation and arrest anyone who cant or wont account for all of the guns registered to them. They just have to wait for an incident big enough to warrant confiscation. If you dont think this can happen look up what happened in Louisiana during Katrina. After gun confiscation things generally go very badly. They can murder us outright like what happened in :

1911, Turkey — 1.5 million exterminated
1929, Soviet Union — 2 million exterminated
1935, China — 20 million exterminated
1938, Germany — 3-7 million exterminated
1956, Cambodia (delayed enforcement 20 yrs) 1-2 million exterminated
1964, Guatemala — 100,000 exterminated
1970 Uganda. — 2-3 million exterminated

Or they can just bring in Migrants to rob, rape, and murder our unarmed countrymen in the streets like what is going on in France, England, and Germany.

You see what was done today does zero to curb crime. No logical argument could ever be made that it would. However, it is a solid step towards registration, and registration is the first step to confiscation.

Stand your ground. You are not alone.

Brien James


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